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The three capitals of Norway

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Educational tour - 2022: Three capitals of Norway (for everyone with Norwegian level A2+)


Are you learning Norwegian and want more practice speaking with native speakers? Love Norway as much as we do? Do you want to hang out for a week in the cool company of like-minded people? Then read on, because the Ukrainian-Scandinavian Center has incredible news for you!

In June 2022, we are organizing a unique educational tour to Norway, where we will visit the three capitals of Norway, conquer the majestic Preikestolen, admire the Lysefjord during the cruise and break down the last language barriers that may have existed, because we offer a rich educational program 📚

The concept of an educational tour

Active and free use of the language in real life is the desired result and goal of our students. Ordering a coffee in a cafe, watching a movie in the original language, shopping in a store, asking for directions when lost, understanding all the inscriptions on information boards in the city, eavesdropping on what is being gossiped about in transport or asking a local guide about something - all these are important communication and language challenges , which must be completed "live". After all, no matter how great the textbooks and teachers are (and we have the best!), nothing compares to the effectiveness of live communication "on the spot".

That is why, by combining the love of the Norwegian language and the passion for travel, the Ukrainian-Scandinavian Center has created an opportunity to put the language into practice and get maximum enjoyment as both a student and a tourist.

Tour locations

The trip will start from the capital of Norway - Oslo, where we will spend two unforgettable days: excursions, language classes, conversation clubs, Norwegian dinners and walks in the most Instagrammable places of the city ❤️  We will also show you the real, non-touristy Oslo -_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ a Nordic metropolis with a unique vibe.

Our next plan is a night train transfer to Stavanger, the oil capital of Norway. We will walk through bright streets, admire famous street art, visit interesting museums,   and the "pearl" of the third day will be a cruise along the Lysefjord - a fjord of indescribable beauty. But these are not all the surprises that Stavanger has prepared for us: on the fourth day, we will go to conquer the majestic Preikestolen - this cannot be missed!

Having sufficiently enjoyed the fjord and mountains, we will "conquer" the next Nordic element - the sea. In the morning, a comfortable ferry will be waiting for us, which will take us to the historical capital of Norway - Bergen. It is here that we will immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of Vestlandet, get culturally enriched, visit the famous Bryggen and test our knowledge of the Bergen dialect 🙂

Educational program

Let's say "no" to studying at desks and textbooks! Especially for our tour, we have developed a special program of Norwegian for travel - basic vocabulary, only the necessary grammatical constructions and a maximum of conversational practice, which is absolutely not limited by anything - go out and communicate in Norwegian with thirsty newbies!


We have prepared interactive materials, topics for conversation clubs, as well as a special quest - a list of language challenges-tasks, completing which, you will definitely say goodbye to the language barrier!


Detailed schedule information can be found further down in the document in the Travel Program section, but we can say right away that we will have at least one major language activity each day. It can be a class, a conversation club or an interactive event - you won't have to miss it!

Cost and details

The trip is worth it1450 €and includes: 

  • Tickets for the flight Kyiv - Oslo and Bergen - Kyiv

  • Tickets for the Oslo-Stavanger train

  • Stavanger-Bergen ferry tickets

  • Excursions in Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger with local guides

  • One meal per day (breakfast or dinner depending on the program for the day)

  • Educational program: various language classes and conversation clubs

  • Accommodation: comfortable AirBnB

  • New acquaintances, experience and unique impressions!

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