Language Courses

You can sign up for a language course in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, or Finnish online or offline in Kyiv or Lviv (if there are enough people to make up a group).


We usually start our enrollment campaigns:

  • In August - for the autumn-winter term (September-December).

  • In January - for the winter-spring term (February-May). 

  • In May - for the summer term (June-August).

Educational Process Explained

  • One term consists of 4 modules; each of them comprises 8 classes. Thus, one course equals 32 classes. Pure math!

  • Each online class is 90 minutes long, whereas it takes 75 minutes in real life (offline).

  • To take one course will cost you 14,000 UAH / 3,500 UAH per module (8 classes). You can make one full payment at the beginning of the course or 4 payments during the term when each new module begins. In case you opt for continuous learning with USC, the price will remain the same for you even if economic realias command us to raise the fee for our services.

  • Filling out the sign-up form, you will find an up-to-date schedule. There, you can choose the most suitable time for your classes. The schedule shows Kyiv time.

  • We offer DISCOUNTS:

    • If you pay for the course in one payment, you get a 1000 UAH discount, i.e., the price will be 13,000 UAH instead of 14,000 UAH.

    • Bring a friend and get -500 UAH each for the first module.

    • -10% for the second family member who is also a student at USC.

Please note that discounts do not add up.

If you have some additional questions, please email us at usc@ukr-scandinavian.org or call 093 124 23 30.

The semester for the spring-summer term 2022 will start on April 18th. 

Schedule for spring-summer 2022 (in Ukrainian)

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