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Stockholm Sweden Panorama

Information for students

Autumn-winter semester 2021

1. Course duration - 32 classes, (4 modules, 1 module 8 classes). 

2. The duration of one lesson is 90 minutes online, 75 minutes offline. Online classes take place in Zoom, offline - in offices in Lviv and Kyiv.

3. Classes take place twice a week. 

4. The student has the right to visit USC conversation clubs free of charge, subject to prior registration. 

5. The student has the right to attend additional USC events. The size of the discount on the cost of such events for the student is determined by the USC separately for each event. Registration for events is mandatory. 

6. If the Student is absent from the class for reasons beyond the control of USC, the money for the class will not be refunded. If a student misses a class, having given advance notice of his absence, the teacher can work with him individually 15-20 minutes earlier at the next class by prior agreement. 

7. In case of cancellation of the class due to the fault of the USC, an additional class is held, or the cost of the missed class is reimbursed. 

8. With the consent of the group, the teacher can postpone the lesson to a time convenient for the whole group. 

9. If one of the students misses a lesson, the teacher can work with him individually 15-20 minutes earlier in the next lesson by prior agreement, and if the student has warned the teacher about his absence. If the student/students missed a lot (3 classes + in a row, for example), then it is possible to agree on 1 additional full-time free class to revise the material. If the class is canceled an hour before the agreed date by the student, it is considered completed. 

10. Payment is made at the beginning of each module (after every 8 lessons). After making the payment, the student must notify the administrator to enter the payment data into the table. 

11. In the event that a student leaves studies in the middle of the course, he/she is obliged to pay for the current month of study. In case of payment of the entire course, funds for missed classes are not returned.

12. If you have additional questions during your studies, you can write them to the administrators Liana ( or Natalie K. ( They will be happy to help :)_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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